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NBPCB Board Members

Adelmo Vigil
Adelmo Vigil, B.A., NOMC
Alamogordo, New Mexico
President, National Federation of the Blind of New Mexico; Former Deputy Director, New Mexico Commission for the Blind; Consultant, Structured Discovery Training programs.
Casey Robertson
Casey Robertson, M.Ed. NCLB
Hamilton, Mississippi

Instructor, Teachers of Blind Students (TBS) program, Louisiana Tech University; Consultant, Visual Impairments; 2012 Teacher of Blind Students, National Federation of the Blind.
Edward Bell Photo
Edward Bell, PhD, NOMC
Ruston, Louisiana

Director, Professional Development and Research Institute on
Blindness at Louisiana Tech University
Board Members
Allen Harris Photo

Allen Harris, ME
Birmingham, Alabama

Former Director, Iowa Department for the Blind; President, National Council of State Agencies for the Blind; Director, New York Department of Rehabilitation Services; past President, National Federation of the Blind of Michigan.
Lea Grupen Photo
Lea Dias, MEd
Honolulu, Hawaii

Branch Administrator, Ho`opono Services for the Blind - Hawaii DVR, Honolulu, HI.
James Omvig
James Omvig, JD
Des Moines, Iowa

Author and consultant on issues concerning blindness; former Director, Iowa Orientation and Adjustment Center for the Blind, Handicapped Employment Program, Office for Civil Rights, Social Security Administration and Alaska Center for Blind and Deaf Adults
C Edwin Vaughan Photo C Edwin Vaughan, PhD
Woodside, California

Professor Emeritus at University of Missouri; author of numerous books in the blindness field.
Jeffrey T. Altman
Jeffrey T. Altman MA NOMCT CVRCB
Lincoln, Nebraska
Orientation and Mobility Instructor, Nebraska Center for the Blind, National Orientation and Mobility Certification Trainer's committee, Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the Blind -- State of Nebraska, Former Chair of the NOMCT committee.
Dr. Joanne Wilson
Alexandria, Virginia and Ruston, Louisiana
Executive Director of Affiliate Action, National Federation of the Blind; Former Commissioner of the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA), Founder and Director, Louisiana Center for the Blind and founder of Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness at Louisiana Tech University.